What developers will love about Drupal 8

Maximize Drupal’s flexibility with object-oriented code and the latest PHP standards.

Drupal 8 is completely rewritten in a Object Oriented way (except for a few hooks) and leverages a lot of other open source software to make it the best Drupal ever.

For example a lot of Symfony components (HttpKernel, Eventdispatcher, Classloader, Routing, DependencyInjection, ...) now come shipped with Drupal, Guzzle is included to make HTTP requests and PHPUnit is added to create unit tests.

Symfony logo
Drupal 8 now uses a lot of Symfony components

The baseline is that there is a shift in the way the Drupal (core) maintainers and community thinks. They have opened the door to Open Source projects that can make Drupal better instead of reinventing the wheel.

Next to Drupal becoming more powerful it should also attract more developers to the Drupal community so it can keep actively growing.

Drupal Console

Drupal Console is a new CLI tool for Drupal. It generates boilerplate code for Drupal which will speed up development tremendously.

Drupal Console
Drupal Console will help you to develop a lot faster in Drupal 8

You will be able to generate code for the following components:

  • Console command
  • Content type
  • Controller
  • Entity
  • Field type, widget and formatter
  • Form alter hook
  • Image effect
  • Module
  • Rest resource
  • Service
  • Theme

It also makes sure you can run the Unit test on your Drupal 8 website.

I won't show you how to create for example an entity or block with Drupal Console. This is something I'll post in a separate blog post.

So does Drush still exist? Of course! These two CLI's live next to each other and their functionality is different. Drush is focused on managing your Drupal website where Drupal Console focuses mainly on generating boilerplate code for your custom functionalities.

I already started creating a blog post on how to create custom content entities using Drupal Console. Keep an eye on my blog for updates.


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