What content creators will love about Drupal 8

Content creators are king in the Drupal 8 kingdom

Drupal 8 is packed with new features and improvements to empower content creators. Let's have a look at what has improved.

Quick edit

Quick edit your content or create it in the front-end of your website. 

Quickly edit functionality in Drupal 8
Quick edit functionality Drupal 8

Redesigned content edit pages

The new design of content edit pages makes sure content creators can focus on what's important. All publishing options are now placed in an informative sidebar that is just one click away.

Content edit page in Drupal 8
The redesigned content edit page in Drupal 8

Views in core

Views is now added to Drupal core, this means all administration pages are now made in views instead of code. This makes it easy for content creators to change these overviews to their specific needs.

Content overview page in Drupal 8
The content overview page is made in views, this makes it easy to change it to your specific needs

Workflow initiative

Authors and editors need easy-to-use tools to share, review, stage, and collaborate on content before it's live. This initiative includes features such as:

  • The ability to transition content to various states (draft, in moderation, published, etc.)
  • Trash bin to "undo" deletions
  • Full site preview of proposed changes to content, sidebars, menus.
  • Content staging between environments
  • Pre-define deployments that are based on variable criteria (the "election night scenario").

More information and the status of this initiative can be found here.

Contrib Modules

Besides the changes in Drupal 8 core their are also a lot of handy contrib modules.
Here is a small selection of modules that are a must have in the content creator's  toolbox.


The metatag module enables content creators to provide structure metadata to content. This is important in the context of search engine optimization.


The paragraphs module is a must have tool in my opinion. It allows content creators to create beautiful pages with a lot more editing power without writing code.

Admin toolbar

Navigating faster when you are logged in improves your productivity drastically so you can spend time on the stuff that really matters.

Google Analytics

Measuring how good (or bad) your content is scoring is crucial. Metrics that you should keep an eye on are:

  • Audience location & their engagement
  • Mobile traffic behaviour
  • Social media traffic
  • Page Bounce Rates
  • User journeys
  • etc.

If you have any recommendations on other must have modules or remarks, feel free to leave a comment.


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