What are your good intentions for 2017?

A personal and team futurespective

As the Scrum master one of my responsibilities is facilitating the retrospective after every sprint. At EntityOne, the company I work for, this means I have to come up with a creative & fun retrospective exercise every two weeks.

A good source of inspiration is Fun retrospectives but I do like to think about and create exercises myself (pfieuw!).

Last Friday during the retrospective I drew a timeline on our whiteboard with quarter 1, 2, 3, 4 on it. Everyone in the team had to write down their good intentions for 2017 on post-its and hang them in their respective quarter.

It is important to work in quarters because this way you can work towards a goal more easily. For example if you want to run a marathon at the end of 2017 it would make sense to have a 10k goal after Q1, a 20k goal after Q2 and a 30k goal in Q3.

After discussing the intentions I was surprised with all the good intentions people had. I consider it one of my responsibilities to help each and everyone of them to get executed. I made a Google Drive file of all the intentions and I'll use this in the retrospectives in 2017.

Want to find out what my good intentions for 2017 are? Keep an eye on me!


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