Mario run review

Where is the fun?

In my childhood my gameboy and link cable were always within reach. I had a "fanny bag"  filled with games and I was the proud owner of all the Mario series.

I was pretty excited when Nintendo announced it was going to release it's first mobile game.

After going through the first levels I was left a bit disappointed with how the game works. Gameplay is/was always something that excelled in Nintendo games. Mario runs by itself and also does every small jump automatically, next to that you need an internet connection to play (huh?).

After 30 minutes of playing I deleted the game because it didn't feel like a Mario experience at all. To be clear: I have only tried the free version. But from a marketing point of view that should suffice to fall in love with the game (I didn't). Where is the fun? :( 

I hope Nintendo listens to their fanbase and fixes this game (if that is even possible?).


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