Getting things done with Todoist

Accomplish more, every day.

Flashback to the beginning of 2015. My girlfriend (nowadays referred to as wife) told me the best thing ever: we were expecting a baby. At this time we were already engaged and planning our wedding. Besides that we both had & still have a busy professional live.

It was quite clear to us that we needed to organise ourself before it was too late. After using and abusing post-its and my mailbox for years I started looking for a tool to get things done. This is when Maarten De Block told me about Todoist.

Since then I have been using Todoist on a daily basis. The best thing about is that I can dump my brain whenever I think about something without forgetting about it.

For example: I'm shopping groceries and I think about a blog post I want to write. I add it to the inbox of my Todoist with a few keywords, done! When I find the time I check my Todoist inbox for all the raw ideas & notes and I start putting them in my predefined categories (for example: shopping,, work, movies, series, books, travel, food, etc.) and I add a deadline to them if needed.

Todoist mac app
The Todoist Mac application

The only thing I need to do now is check my Todoist on any device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone) to see what has to be done today or this week. The more you do the more Karma points you get, something to keep you motivated.

In general Todoist made me more organised and even more important: it makes sure that I don't forget about things that cross my mind.

Try it out yourself! Create a free account and let me know what you think about Todoist.


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