Drupal Camp Ghent (9 & 10 september 2016)

Grow some ideas

Drupalcamp is a free annual gathering of people loving, learning and discussing the open-source content management system, Drupal.

Sessions cover topics ranging from the basic to the more complex modules, a bunch of Drupal 8 sauce, front-end, use-cases, doing business with Drupal and plenty more.

Last year on Drupal Camp Leuven Maarten De Block and I gave a session on Building apps in Phonegap & Cordova with a Drupal backend.

This year I proposed a session together with my good friend & colleague Robin Ingelbrecht. In our session we want to talk about the technologies we used to build Pokémon locator. More info about the session can be found on the official Drupal camp Ghent website.

Lets hope our session gets approved. Thumbs up!


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