Drupal 8 theme Neato

Incorporates Bourbon and Bitters to make grid theming with semantic markup easy and sensible

I'm proud to announce that I started contributing/maintaining the Drupal 8 Neato theme.

Neato is a theme based on the Neat grid system, incorporating Bourbon and Bitters to make grid theming with semantic markup easy and sensible.

Gulp and Bower are also included to assist in setting up for theme editing, and are required to pull in and manage assets. A Drush command and starter theme is included to get started right away.

Neato aims to let you determine the nuts and bolts of how your theme works and responds via the power of the Neat grid system. Columns, sizing, and stacking is declared via SASS mixins, instead of having extensive class naming schemes in the HTML, leading to a more semantic maintainable result.

The goal is to provide themers with a good clean starting point and let you determine your markup and template(s).

Feature requests or issues can be reported here.

More info can be found on the Neato theme page.


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